If you read Part 1 of this article, you learned about the 3 keys to earning more stageside leads at every gig. Now, let’s look at some specific ways to make this happen!

I came to Vegas this week to win big!

No, no.  Not on the poker table.  I’m talking about stageside leads.

I'm sending this later than usual, because I just got off stage an hour ago and as of right now I have garnered 0 - YES ZERO - stageside leads.

But, I'm not worried. (You'll understand why, after you read this post.)

Earning these leads doesn’t need to be complicated. Remember, you’ll need a Referable Speech – one that is strong enough to consistently generate new leads at every event.

Once you’ve got that, it’s a matter of leveraging the power of those three keys from yesterday: one-on-one connections, peer proof, and rapid follow up.

Do this correctly, and you’ll set yourself up for a massive increase in stageside leads from every gig.  In this post, we’ll go a bit deeper and look at specific techniques you can use to make those connections.

Techniques, I'm going to leverage as soon as I go back to the event floor.

Be sure to read until the end, because the last one is a clever way to combine all three keys at once. Let’s jump right in with the first requirement…

You’ve Got to Stick Around!

Sure.  Really high, in-demand speakers tend to show up, speak, and then hit the road.

They’re in and out of the venue in less than two hours.  And that works for them, because they have massive, never-ending demand from event organizers who are willing to pay whatever.

These are the speakers like Brene Brown, Will Smith, Simon Sinek, and Hillary Clinton.

But, for the rest of us, we need to put in a little more time at each event to earn more stageside leads.  So… you’ve gotta stick around… preferably the whole day!

When you show up to an event and spend time all day interacting with attendees, you’re increasing your opportunities for those important one-on-one connections. Here are a few specific tactics to use:

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