If you read Part 1 of this article, you solved the mystery of why an opening keynote is MUCH better for your speaking business than a closing keynote. Now, let’s look at how to secure this coveted spot with your client!

Alright.  I’ve convinced you!

You want those opening keynote slots – not the closing keynotes…

… and you’re ready to lobby for it.  

(Let’s do this!!)

How do you convince your event organizer to give you the opening keynote when they’re intent on putting you at the close? Well, start by looking closely at the conversation you have during your Client Theme Call.  

Here are a number of tactics you can try…

Tactic #1: Connect to Their Event Theme

As soon as you get on the client theme call, take every opportunity you can to connect your speech to their event theme.

Most events do a lot of promotion surrounding the event theme.  And usually, this promotion is front and center at the very beginning of the conference.  Just think of the MC getting up on stage to warm up the audience or the CEO proudly walking up to give a welcome.

They chose the theme as a way to set this year’s event apart from all the others…  

“This year is going to be special.  It’s going to be unique.  It’s going to give you insights and inspiration you won’t find anywhere else!”

The beginning of an event is when the theme is front and center in everyone’s minds.  By the closing day, enthusiasm for the theme has usually waned.  So, the emphasis on the theme kind of dwindles as the days go by.

When chatting with the event organizer, drive the theme home.  Connect it to your speech in some way very early in the conversation.  Your goal is to get the event organizer to start thinking. Get their brain wheels turning so they suddenly have an epiphany:

We were thinking of you for the closing keynote.  But after what we’ve heard today, maybe you should be the opening keynote instead!”

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