Where are you NOT likely to earn a lot of stageside leads?

Natsuyo Lipschutz recently reached out with a great question…

“I have good news! I just booked a keynote at my full fee! Yippee!! It’s a closed corporate event at a law firm, and they reached out to me directly. Perfect!!

… Stageside leads you often talk about seem to be for conferences where different corporate leaders gather. What if it’s one company’s corporate event?”

Thanks for your question, Natsuyo! Let’s talk about this. :)

We know that most events attract a wide array of company leaders, executives, and bigwigs from different corporate organizations and associations. These events are perfect for generating lots of stageside leads to help grow your Referral Tree.

But what about those other events?

There are three main types of events – including the one Natsuyo mentioned – where you should NOT expect a ton of stageside leads.

And even though you won’t have a crowd of people waiting for you when you step off the stage, these events can still give you slow growth through referrals in the coming years.

So, let’s look at the three event types…

The audience members at these events are filled with small business owners or solopreneurs. For instance, I recently spoke at a financial advisor event in Las Vegas that would qualify… an event for real estate agents or independent bookstore owners are other examples.

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